Trident Services provides the following services for System p.

Extended System Programming Support

Trident Services offers a software support service to give users of pSeries hardware 24/7 access to senior AIX/Linux Systems Administrators. Tridents consultants are available to answer any questions, provide solutions to problems and/or discuss any other system related concerns. This service is for AIX or Linux operating systems and any related ISV (non application) software. This service is intended to supplement existing staff and aid in the efficient, timely resolution of software problems.

Answers to Questions:

Problem Reporting & Resolution:

Maintenance Support

Trident Services also offers a software maintenance support service to help users of pSeries hardware keep their operating system software current and maintain support from the manufacturer. Beyond staff augmentation or the timely completion of objectives, think of this software support service as an affordable insurance policy that ensures your systems always run smoothly. For a fixed monthly fee Trident will:

Trident Services' Performance Evaluation & Tuning Services provide z/OS, CICS and DB2 performance data via monthly trend and utilization reports, based on customer data.

Staff Augmentation

One of the challenges facing many IT organizations today is lack of internal resources. Obtaining skilled IT personnel is becoming harder but remains a necessity for supporting our ever changing business environment. Trident's Staff Augmentation services can help you achieve your business goals by providing skilled personnel with an average of over 25 years experience to work under your direction. This allows organizations to dynamically adjust their staff resources when needed to provide support for projects requiring specialized skills that do not currently exist internally.

Business Challange:

Trident Solution: